Max-AI® technology has ushered in a new age of MRF automation and intelligence. From robotic and advanced optical sorting to real-time material identification, this technology is powering real solutions responding to a dynamic marketplace.


Max-AI® starts with VIS, a vision system using AI to to see and identify objects.

Max-AI® VIS provides material identification, real- time reporting and actionable data.

Max-AI® Robotic Sorters

Robotic Sorters are added to VIS, directing robot action.

Max-AI® AQC: Removes contaminants, recovers recyclables.

Max-AI® CoBot: Collaboratively & safely works alongside humans; ideal for tight spaces.

Max-AI® Flex: Ideal for heavy and/or non-uniform objects in a variety of pre- & post-sort applications.

Optical Sorters with Max-AI®

Optical sorters are added to VIS for enhanced identification & targeting within one platform, boosting recovery & purity in a wide variety of applications.

Max-AI® Total VIS

What can’t be measured can’t be improved.
Total VIS eliminates the risk of material rejection and maximizes revenue by identifying material composition throughout the system. It quantifies the quality of incoming material, measures the performance of processing and validates the purity of recovered commodities. It also provides customizable, real-time alerts of fluctuations in waste composition.

Unmatched Accuracy & Reliability

Adaptable & Flexible

Efficient, Productive, Safe


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