The Power of AI

Powering Autonomous Solutions

Automation is key as recycling continues to evolve.

BHS applies our AI expertise to create real-world solutions in collaboration with our customers and market stakeholders. No other system provider has the knowledge, experience and the technology to achieve the impactful automation needed in today’s waste industry.

We utilize our unique, integrated technologies  — screen, air, optical, AI and advanced controls—to bring automation and autonomous processing to a wide variety of applications, making recycling more efficient, minimizing downtime, reducing operating costs, increasing safety and accurately measuring the quality of recycled materials.

Max-AI®, NRT optical sorters and advanced controls are combined to create our patented Autonomous Processing System.

Highly-automated processing makes recycling more profitable for our customers while increasing diversion for our communities, facilitating human and environmental health and contributing to a global circular economy and a sustainable future.

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